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Swan Hotel Associates d/b/a The Walt Disney World Swan Hotel ("Swan") and Dolphin Hotel Associates d/b/a The Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel ("Dolphin"), are separate hotels and separate corporations (the hotels and their service outlets are collectively the "Hotels"); however, they together provide the website ("Site"). The Hotels are not owned by The Walt Disney World Corporation. Likewise, the Hotels are not owned by "Marriott" (e.g. the Marriott Group, Marriott international, Inc. or Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, LLC, etc.) but the Hotels are Marriott branded.

In reviewing this privacy policy, we refer to the Hotels as "we" or "us" and you, the website user or Hotel guest, as "you," "your," or "user".

In addition this policy, use of the Site is also governed by the Terms & Conditions of Use which can be found HERE.

When you interact with the Site, we collect the following information:
1. All of the information you voluntarily input.

2. Website "cookie" information pertaining to website analytics:

Cookie information may include: your Internet protocol address (IP address), a unique user ID, device type, device identifiers, browser types and language, referring and exit pages, platform type, version of software installed, system type, the content and pages that you access on the Site, the number of clicks, the amount of time spent on pages, the dates and times that you visit the Site, and other similar information.

3. Information provided to us by third-party advertisers related to you.

We use the information we collect about you in the following ways:

1. To provide services to you and to provide to you further information regarding your business with the hotel;

2. To improve the services that we provide to you;

3. We use your email to communicate with you for both administrative and promotional purposes;

4. To target marketing materials and information to you;

5. We use cookie information:

a. To tailor advertising, content and other information to you;

b. To monitor Site use metrics.

We disclose your information as follows:
1. We may provide some or all of the information that you provide to us to Marriott;

2. When you voluntarily publish that information through the Site, e.g. your posts/content;

3. When you give us permission to provide that information to third parties for marketing or promotional purposes;

4. We may also send automatically collected aggregate information and other aggregate information to third parties to analyze usage, demographics and functionality of the Site, usually for the ultimate purpose of marketing to you;

5. The Hotels also reserve the right to provide personal and non-personal information to its affiliates that are under common ownership and/or control for any purposes;

6. We also provide information to companies that provide products and services to us in order to operate, improve and innovate with respect to the Site, for instance, hosting services;

a. Such third parties receive such information pursuant to written contracts that specify how the information may be used;

7. The Hotels disclose information in order to comply with legal requirements including those of law enforcement; and,

8. The Hotels also reserve the right, but do undertake the obligation, to disclose information when necessary to protect the Hotels' interests and/or those of third parties.

Please note that when using the Site, there are certain functions that may require you to visit a website other than this one, e.g. reservations via Marriott, reservations for signature dining, etc. Such referral sites are usually, but not always, visually distinct. When using such websites, your use is governed by that particular website's terms of service and privacy policy.

In using the Site, as an accommodation, the Hotels agree that:

1. In order to use the website, you have agreed to analytical tracking via cookies/analytic tools. Should you choose not to accept tracking during your use of the website, then you must close out of the website.

2. You may also contact the Hotels using the contact information provided below in order to:

a. Request that the Hotels delete the information they possess about you, i.e. "request to be forgotten". The Hotels' ability to delete the information it possesses about you may be limited by technical and/or legal requirements/rights such that the Hotels will try to honor such a request, but will not guarantee that they can or will.

b. Request, similarly, that the Hotels stop using the information they have about you in a particular way, i.e. to stop and/or not process the data. Again, the Hotels will not always be able to accommodate this request due to technical and/or legal requirements/rights.

c. Request that the Hotels provide a copy of the information that they possess about you, at your reasonable expense.

d. Request that the Hotels correct the information that they have about you.

e. Request that the Hotels add to the information that they have about you.

3. Note that you may be able to add to, delete and/or change the information you have input into the Concierge System and Group Reservation System by logging in and accessing your account.

4. Please also note that we may ask that you reasonably prove your identity before taking any action with respect to your information.

1. The Hotels routinely employ third-party web analytics on the Site such as Google Analytics.

2. The Hotels may allow third-party advertisers to transmit advertising directly to you on the Hotel website.

3. The Hotels and third-party advertising may be and frequently is tailored to you based on the information the Hotels collect about you, your interests and demographics.

1. The Hotels take reasonable security precautions with respect to the information and data they possess and collect.

2. The Hotels cannot guarantee that any security measure they employ will guarantee absolute security.

If you are under the age of 18 and wish to use the Site, then your parent or legal guardian must contact the Hotel using the below contact information in order to complete a consent form. The Hotel do not otherwise authorize anyone under 18 to use or access the site.

1. By using the Site you are advised and understand that this Site is owned and operated by an American company.

2. By using this Site you are advised and understand that you are voluntarily transferring data/information into the United States and you agree that United States law, and specifically that of the State of Florida, will apply to any such data and/or information that you transfer.

3. Further, by using this website you agree that any dispute arising regarding your use of the Site and the data/information provided will be resolved in an American court in the United States, Florida, City of Orlando with the law of Florida applied without application of Florida's choice of law rules, law and doctrines. You further agree voluntarily to dismiss and/or end any suit brought regarding the website or the Hotels that is not lodged in Orlando, Florida.

4. You are likewise advised that American law does not afford the same level of protection and/or rights regarding your data/information as may exist in other countries.

The Hotels reserve the right to sell/transfer your data/information without notice to you, or consent by you, in the event of the Hotels' merger, sale and/or bankruptcy. 
The Hotels reserve the right to change this privacy policy at any time. Your continued use of this website will serve as your acceptance of any changes to this policy. You will be able to determine whether the policy has been changed by reviewing the "last updated" information contained herein.

The Hotels were established, owned and run under the laws of the United States of America and our primary business functions are located in Orlando, Florida. As such, the Hotels expect and intend any interaction with this website and the Hotels to be governed by American law and, in particular, the law of Florida without application of Florida's choice of law rules. By using the Site, you agree that the law of Florida applies to you as if you were physically located in the State of Florida, even if you are actually somewhere else or not even in the United States. Likewise, you agree to discontinue any suit that is not filed in Orlando, Florida, in the United States, if such suit arises from or relates to the Site or the Hotels, i.e. and suit will be exclusively decided in Orlando, Florida.

Further, in any action arising from or related to the Site or the Hotels, You waive any right to assert any claims against us in any class or representative action, except where such waiver is prohibited by Florida law. To the extent you are permitted by law or a court of law to proceed with a class or representative action against Us (either or both entities), you agree that: (i) You shall not be entitled to recover or be awarded an amount for serving as a class representative or your legal fees and costs; and (ii) You will not submit a claim or otherwise participate in any recovery secured through the class or representative action.

Finally, in any action arising related to the Site or the Hotels, you agree to WAIVE ANY RIGHT TO A JURY TRIAL AND INSTEAD CONSENT TO A BENCH TRIAL TO RESOLVE ANY AND ALL DISPUTES.

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